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The Science of Successful Twitter Ads

Data-based Tips for Creating the Optimal Twitter Ad

A successful Twitter Ad is made of 2 components: a great design, targeted to the right audience. In this eBook we focus on that first part. By analyzing over 7,000 real world ads we’ll show you what’s trending right now.

Science-Twitter-Ads.pngWe'll not only provide you with the science and data behind a successful Twitter ad, but we'll also give you actionable best practice tips as well as highlight examples of companies who are doing a great job. 

Download this free guide to learn how to create the perfect ad based on real data around the optimal headline length, most popular words, numbers, and sentiments to use, and a whole lot more!


Inside this 100% free ebook you'll find:

  • A Typical Twitter Ad - Overview
  • The Most Used Words
  • The Most Popular Links
  • The Optimal Text Length For Twitter Ads
  • How To Use Sentiments In Ads
  • Twitter Ads Engagement Analysis
  • And much much more...